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Month: July 2019

A guide to umrah pilgrimage

A Guide to Umrah Ziyarat in Mecca and Medina

Umrah, a sacrosanct Islamic pilgrimage with greater significance is undertaken by millions of Muslim pilgrims every year by visiting the Masjid Al-Haram in Mecca. Umrah pilgrimage is one of many ways through which Muslims can compensate for their past committed sins. Ziyarat is an indispensable part of Umrah providing a sense of closure and ultimate…
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Pillars of Umrah: The Supererogatory Acts of Umrah

The Umrah, also spelt as Umra, is an obligatory act of worship in Islam that all Muslims are ought to perform at least once in their lifetime. The word “Umrah’ itself means a pilgrimage to Mecca. Although, the significance of Umrah is comparatively less than the Hajj, however, the blessings received by pilgrims after performing…
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