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A guide to umrah pilgrimage

What is Umrah – A Comprehensive Guide

Umrah is a sacred pilgrimage undertaken by millions of Muslims around the world every year to cleanse them of their sins and draw them closer to god. If you are someone who is looking to take up this soulful journey to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia then SuperbMyTrip should be your only choice. We at…
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Difference Between Hajj and Umrah

Have you ever wondered about the difference between Hajj and Umrah? Both are Islamic pilgrimages undertaken by Muslims from around the world. And while it may seem like there isn’t much of a difference between Hajj and Umrah, there are distinct differences between a lot of fundamentals of Hajj and Umrah. From the significance to…
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What Are The Benefits of Fasting in Umrah Ramadan?

Fasting in the sacred month of Ramadan is considered Sunnah in Islam, and therefore, all men and women reaching the age of adolescence are obligated to perform this ritual. Ramadan fasting not only helps in cleansing the soul, but it also helps in establishing a strong spiritual connection with Allah. Muslims from all over the…
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Sa’i: Another Sunnah of Hajj and Umrah Pilgrimage

Sa’i is an integral ritual of Hajj and Umrah which refers to the devotional act of walking back and forth seven times between the hills, Safa and Marwah. These two hills are located adjacent to Al-Haram in Mecca. Linguistically, the word “Sa’i” refers to “to walk” or “to pursue.” Umrah is the only spiritual journey…
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How to Perform a Healthy Umrah?

Umrah is a holy pilgrimage where thousands of pilgrims are gathered in the premises of the grand mosque, Al-Haram, for the purpose of worship. But this large congregation also raises numerous health concerns for the pilgrims. The pilgrims are required to take certain precautionary measures to prevent themselves from infections and diseases caused due to…
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Umrah for Women Pilgrims: Do’s and Don’ts

Umrah is a sacred Islamic pilgrimage performed to regain spiritual strength and peace in Islam. Since there is no bigger virtue than devoting your time and wealth in Allah, all Muslim men and women must perform Umrah at least once in their lifetime. However, the set of rules for both men and women pilgrims are…
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Tawaf: An obligation of Hajj and Umrah

Tawaf is one of the principal rites performed in both Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage. Tawaf is comprised of seven circumambulations around the holy Kaaba in an anti-clockwise direction. All of the seven rounds start and ends at the Black Stone “Hajar-al-Aswad.” Linguistically, the meaning of the word Tawaf is “to walk around.” Tawaf is an…
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A Guide to Umrah Ziyarat in Mecca and Medina

Umrah, a sacrosanct Islamic pilgrimage with greater significance is undertaken by millions of Muslim pilgrims every year by visiting the Masjid Al-Haram in Mecca. Umrah pilgrimage is one of many ways through which Muslims can compensate for their past committed sins. Ziyarat is an indispensable part of Umrah providing a sense of closure and ultimate…
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Pillars of Umrah: The Supererogatory Acts of Umrah

The Umrah, also spelt as Umra, is an obligatory act of worship in Islam that all Muslims are ought to perform at least once in their lifetime. The word “Umrah’ itself means a pilgrimage to Mecca. Although, the significance of Umrah is comparatively less than the Hajj, however, the blessings received by pilgrims after performing…
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Saudi Vaccination Mandates for Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims

Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages are one of the largest religious gatherings of the world. Every year, lakhs of Muslim pilgrims visit the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia with their evoked spiritualism. However, these mass gatherings are associated with numerous health-associated risks, and in order to prevent yourself from these health hazards,…
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