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What is Umrah – A Comprehensive Guide

A guide to umrah pilgrimage

Umrah is a sacred pilgrimage undertaken by millions of Muslims around the world every year to cleanse them of their sins and draw them closer to god. If you are someone who is looking to take up this soulful journey to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia then SuperbMyTrip should be your only choice. We at SuperbMyTrip have a team of experts who are dedicated to delivering the best Umrah services.

As the market leader and a top travel agency, we aim to always exceed expectations and serve our customers in the best possible way. As a part of the initiative to serve our customers in the best possible way, we offer a Deluxe Umrah Package from India to Saudi Arabia at a very affordable price. The package includes Saudia airline flight tickets, premium accommodation at walking distance from Haram, three meals, a tour leader who stays and travels with you throughout the pilgrimage, and many other perks that really set SuperbMyTrip apart from our competitors. 

With years of experience in the Industry, we have curated the best itinerary for our customers at a very reasonable price. We also understand that the whole journey of Umrah can be overwhelming, especially to first-time travellers and that is why we have a dedicated team of customer support specialists to help you out with all your queries.

We send Umrah groups for the pilgrimage quite often throughout the year. These groups majorly depart from either New Delhi or Hyderabad. But the best part is that you can book a package with us from almost anywhere in the country and expect the best service money can buy.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the 17 days you will be spending on this spiritual journey cleansing your soul in the presence of the divine.

Day 1 

You will depart from India for Jeddah on a Saudia Airlines flight. The Saudia Airlines is best in class especially for Umrah pilgrims as they have a dedicated praying area on board, and you can easily change into your Ihram on the flight. 
After you land in Jeddah you will be transferred to Mecca in an airconditioned bus. You will be accompanied by the tour leader from our team. 
Once you reach Mecca, you can head to the Masjid al-Haram for Umrah. After performing Umrah you can head back to the hotel and stay overnight.

Day 2 

The second day is free for you to utilize according to your preference. Indulge in some great food at your hotel. Spend time in the Masjid al-Haram. Pray and enjoy your spiritual time at the holy Kaaba. 

Day 3 

Breakfast at your hotel. After breakfast, early in the morning, you will set out on your ziyarat across a lot of religiously and historically important locations. The ziyarat will be approximately 5 hours long starting around 7 AM and finishing anywhere around noon. After the ziyarat trip, you have the day to yourself. 

Day 4

Free for prayers and ibadah. 

Day 5 

Free for your visit to Masjid al-Haram, prayers and Ibadah.

Day 6 

Free for prayers and ibadah.

Day 7 

Pray and spend quality time at the holy Kaaba. 

Day 8 

Last day in the holy city of Mecca al-Mukarramah. Pray, spend time in the Masjid al-Haram, and stay close to the divinity. 

Day  9 

Breakfast at your hotel in Mecca will be followed by a transfer to Madinah by a comfortable air-conditioned coach. The transfer takes 6-7 hours. 

Day 10

After breakfast at your hotel, you will visit Rawdah-e-Rasool. Rawdah meaning “garden” is the house of Aisha where the Prophet lived at the time of his death. Rawdah Mubarak is one of the Riyadhul Jannah meaning it is one of the Gardens of Paradise. 

Day 11

Breakfast at the hotel. You will set out on Madinah ziyarat on this day exploring all the beautiful religiously significant locations according to the Islamic scriptures.

Day 12 – Day 16

These five days will be free for you to explore the Prophet’s city at your own comfortable pace. You can visit Masjid Al-Nabawi for prayers and ibadah. You can explore various other significant locations of Madinah in those five days. Make the best of your time in the Prophet’s city, and stay close to the divine.

Day 17

This is the last day of your pilgrimage trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After breakfast and check-out you will be transferred to the  King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah for your flight back to India marking the end of a memorable journey.


The Umrah trip to Saudi Arabia is made special by the special inclusions made available by SuperbMyTrip. We care for our customers and want them to have a pilgrimage they will remember forever so we make sure to take care of every small need a pilgrim might have. Here is the list of special inclusions from SuperbMyTrip

  • Saudi Airline Tickets
  • Visa Service
  • Safe travel with Insurance 
  • Premium Hotels within walking distance of the Haram
  • Three hot meals every day
  • Laundry Service is also included 
  • An Umrah Kit containing sling bag, Topi, Tasbeeh, Miswak, and 7 daana Tasbeeh. 
  • All the transfers are also included
  • Inclusive Ziyarat in Mecca al-Mukarramah, and Madinah al-Munawwarah
  • Well-versed tour leader from the time of departure till you come back to India.


Pilgrims are sometimes also confused as to what they should bring for their Umrah trip. So here is a comprehensive list of all the essentials to pack. 

  1. Travel Documents – Passport, Visa, flight tickets, Debit/Credit card, and Travel itinerary.
  2. Prayer Essentials – Ihram, light breathable clothing, Hijabs, caps, and comfortable footwear because you will be doing a lot of walking almost every day.
  3. Accessories – Pack essentials like sunglasses, comfortable footwear, sunblock lotion, and a basic first aid kit just in case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Umrah package from India cost?

The cost for the Umrah trip depends on a few variables like how many people you are travelling with, what kind of room configuration are you okay with, and so on. The cost Umrah package also changes depending on the time of the year, during the off-season, it’s cheaper as compared to during the peak season around Ramadan. The cost also depends on the number of days in the package you have booked, the lesser the number of days the more affordable to cost of the Umrah Package. For an exact quote, you can get in touch with the SuperbMyTrip team and avail great offers.

How many days does it take to perform Umrah?

It is completely dependent on you. You can finish the pilgrimage in one day but people prefer to perform it multiple times and spend a few days in the vicinity of the divine.

What is the difference between Hajj and Umrah?

Umrah is a short pilgrimage that can be undertaken at any point of time during the year whereas Hajj takes longer, has more rituals, and can only be performed during a specific time each year. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and is mandatory for able-bodied, financially sound people of faith to undertake the journey whereas Umrah is not compulsory. 

Can I take a solo Umrah Package?

Yes, in short, you can take a solo package and travel alone. Umrah is one of the most personal spiritual experiences you are going to have in your lifetime so you have the freedom to choose if you want to travel and stay alone. 

Is there an age limit restriction for Umrah and Hajj?

No, the pilgrimage can be undertaken by people of any and all ages. 

How much is the Umrah ticket price?

The price of the tickets along with other costs may vary depending on various factors. But for an affordable Umrah ticket price and other services, you can get in touch with SuperbMyTrip. 

How can I book an Umrah trip?

For all kinds of Umrah tours and travels services, you may get in touch with highly trained professionals of SuperbMyTrip. We offer deluxe services at attractive prices making us the preferred choice for booking an Umrah Trip.

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